Disney is Reviving LucasArts as Lucasfilm Games

March 20, 2019
Disney is Reviving LucasArts as Lucasfilm Games

It was a sad day for us video game fans when Disney acquired Lucasfilm and pretty much everything else in the George Lucas Empire, and then decided that LucasArts was not something they’re interested in. But now Disney is reviving the company as Lucasfilm Games.

Disney has dabbled in game development over the years but decided that the best course of action for their newly acquired IP (Star Wars) is to license it out. But all of that might change pretty soon. Apparently, Disney is hiring people to revive LucasArts under the Lucasfilm Games moniker, which is what the company was originally called.

It’s not yet clear what Disney has in mind with this new studio. As I mentioned, EA still has the license for the Star Wars franchise, so maybe this new studio will focus on other LucasArts/Lucasfilm IP’s.

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