Devil May Cry 5 Is No Longer Using Denuvo DRM

February 11, 2020
Devil May Cry 5 Is No Longer Using Denuvo DRM

A recent patch for Devil May Cry 5 has removed Denuvo from the game almost a year after it was released.

Capcom decided to pull the plug on Denuvo in the most recent patch for DMC5. The patch completely removed Denuvo from the game, which should bring a smile to everyone’s face considering the accusations of performance impact by the DRM.

In case you’re not in the loop, Denuvo is an anti-tampering software used to protect games from piracy. The unfortunate side is the fact that it impacts the performance of games, which is something that was confirmed multiple times. There’s also some more serious accusations against Denuvo such as the reduction of SSD lifespan.

One of the times it was confirmed that Denuvo impacts performance was actually in DMC5. On launch, two different builds existed, one with, one without Denuvo. So, players were able to directly compare the performance of the two. The build without Denuvo had 25% better performance compared to the one with it.

Denuvo isn’t used so much as a standard DRM, it’s actually a way to keep pirates at bay for a while. The standard practice is to incorporate Denuvo into a game, then remove it after a few months after the most important sales period has ended.