Developers Say Pirating Their Games Is Better Than Buying from G2A

July 2, 2019
Developers Say Pirating Their Games Is Better Than Buying from G2A

G2A, a marketplace for game keys, is no stranger to controversy, now some developers are saying pirating their games is better than buying them from G2A.

G2A has been called out multiple times because of the unknown sources of the keys being sold there. Their defense is that the responsibility is on the seller and if someone points out illegal activity they act on it. This time, the problem was caused directly buy them.

Mike Rose, the man behind publishing label No More Robots, pointed out on Twitter that searching for one of their games also presents you with a sponsored ad by G2A. Instead of the first result being their site, users are directed towards buying the game from G2A. The problem being that if a game is bought from G2A, not a cent goes to the developers.

Pretty soon more people joined the discussion saying that they would be happier if you just pirated the game, since either way, they won’t see a dime from it, but that way neither will G2A.

Rami Ismail also pointed out that not only do they not receive anything, it just creates more work for them through customer support over invalid keys and card chargebacks.

G2A is a marketplace that connects sellers and buyers, but through the years their business practices were questionable and users were even found selling keys bought from Humble Bundle.

It’s a very long story that goes back many years, so if you want to find out more about it, Paul Kilduff-Taylor of Mode 7 covered it amazingly.