Developers Concerned That Google Might Just Cancel Stadia

November 14, 2019
Developers Concerned That Google Might Just Cancel Stadia

If you’re unsure what to expect from Stadia, you’re not alone. Game developers are worried that Google might jump ship and forget all about Stadia.

Gamers are skeptical when it comes to Stadia, and hearing that some developers are also skeptical doesn’t instill confidence. talked to Gwen Frey, developer of Stadia launch game Kine, and she shared some thoughts about Stadia, "The biggest complaint most developers have with Stadia is the fear that Google is just going to cancel it."

That’s a justified concern considering the long and well documented history of projects Google started and buried. Developers are aware that the industry is going in the direction of cloud gaming, but they aren’t sure that Google is the company that’s going to make it happen.

Frey defended Stadia saying, "Working in tech, you have to be willing to make bold moves and try things that could fail. And yeah, Google's canceled a lot of projects. But I also have a Pixel in my pocket, I'm using Google Maps to get around. I only got here because my Google Calendar told me to get here by giving me a prompt in Gmail."

Google is also aware that there are a lot of skeptics and they addressed it simply by promising to support Stadia and continue investing in it.

Frey mentioned she believes that Google wants to compete with consoles and that they will take it slow and build Stadia up through time. If Google wants to compete with consoles, they have around a year to win over gamers that will be choosing whether they will get one of the next gen consoles or invest in PCs.

Not only that, but Sony and Microsoft are also working on streaming games, and they already have the trust of gamers and great subscriptions that don’t force you to buy each individual game.

Google is going to have to do something absolutely amazing with Stadia if they hope to win over a significant amount of gamers. Is there something that would make you switch to Stadia, and what is it?