Decimate Aliens in Spaceland - a New Sci-Fi Tactical RPG

July 15, 2019
Decimate Aliens in Spaceland - a New Sci-Fi Tactical RPG

Suit Up for Xeno-stomping action in this classically inspired but thoroughly modernized Sci-Fi exploration and tactics game where the battles are quick and deadly.

Spaceland has players taking on the roles of various members of a futuristic kill team dropping into alien bases and doing away with threats in a fast-paced reworking of the traditional Tactical RPG formula.

In Spaceland, battles are quick, with no time wasted deciding on character costumes, load-outs, and other nitty-gritty details, as each character is already kitted for battle and raring for action. Players won’t lose time on recovering from missed shots, rather, the focus is on skilled team member placement for the best line of sight and optimal shots with their equipped weaponry.

Spaceland is the loving homage to sci-fi classics, both games and books, that we’ve been wanting to make for a long time,” said Anton Mikhailov, Creative Director at Tortuga Team. “We’ve taken the core of the tactical RPG, the turn-based combat, and reworked it for speed — meaning players will likely only spend 10 minutes at most on a battle, but it will be fun and exciting the entire time! We expect fans of sci-fi entertainment will enjoy our storyline, while fans of tactical combat will find something new and refreshing in Spaceland.

Spaceland is the latest creation from Tortuga Team, the developers behind the fantasy tactical RPG series — Braveland.