Death Stranding Box Art and Special Edition SteelBook Cover

July 22, 2019
Death Stranding Box Art and Special Edition SteelBook Cover

Very slowly we're starting to get an idea of what Death Stranding actually is, a new piece of information are the box art and the special edition SteelBook cover.

During a San Diego Comic-Con panel, game director, Hideo Kojima revealed the cover art while speaking alongside movie director, Nicolas Winding Refn.

The images were shared by both Hideo Kojima and PlayStation on Twitter.death_stranding_box_art

Interestingly, Kojima stated that he made the art for the SteelBook cover himself. Besides showing off the box art, there was also talk about Keanu Reeves and some confused customs agents.

Kojima talked about the possibility of Keanu Reeves being in the game, saying that some people have recommended him for Death Stranding. Instead, Hideo Kojima decided to go with his friend, Mads Mikkelsen.

Kojima also brought the life-sized BB Pod from the collector's edition to the panel and talked about being stopped by customs agents that wanted an explanation on what exactly is it that he is bringing to the US. Thankfully, he was able to explain the situation and managed to show off the BB Pod during the panel.

Death Stranding is expected to release in November on PS4 exclusively. We still know very little about the game, so it will definitely be interesting to see what the game will have to offer.