CryoFall's Biggest Content Update So Far Released

November 25, 2019
CryoFall's Biggest Content Update So Far Released

Daedalic Entertainment and AtomicTorch Studio have released a new content update for the sci-fi multiplayer survival RPG CryoFall introducing several new gameplay features, including:

- Vehicles - players can now build, ride and battle on hoverboards, making traversing the world much easier.

- Players can also use the new Skipper battle mech (mechs available in PvP only).

- The introduction of female character models.

- A greatly expanded world map.

- A new AFK system, reducing players’ resource consumption while not playing.

- Improved onboarding features for new players.

- Tons of new items, crops, weapons, terrain types, in-game music and more.

- Major improvements to gunplay and ballistics, as well as a variety of balance updates and bug fixes based on community feedback.

Today’s update also adds a new CryoFall demo to Steam. Players can enjoy the game with no restrictions and complete access to all game features on the official servers for the demo’s duration, and they can also upgrade to the full game if they choose.

In addition, players can now purchase the CryoFall Supporter Pack on Steam, featuring a variety of bonus stuff like the CryoFall soundtrack, concept art, in-game chat badge and more. These items are purely optional for players who wish to support the game and offer no direct gameplay advantages.

CryoFall is currently available for Windows PC via Steam Early Access.