Conan Unconquered - Creating a Satisfying Co-Op Experience

May 21, 2019
Conan Unconquered - Creating a Satisfying Co-Op Experience

The Command & Conquer-veterans from Petroglyph faced a new challenge when tailoring Conan Unconquered to perfectly suit co-op play and offer a great experience.

We’re only a few days away from the game’s launch, Petroglyph and Funcom have now released a video, featuring interviews with the production team and a further glimpse into the co-op aspect of Conan Unconquered.

In co-op mode each player will have their own hero and army, but they will share resources and most of the buildings. “Where the challenge comes in, is in trying to coordinate between the two of you, in order to fight more difficult mobs,” says Senior Game Designer Patrick Pannullo. Instead of just increasing the number of enemies the increased difficulty will mainly be about what kind of mobs you face and where the attacks will come from.

The upcoming game will also feature a previously unannounced mechanism called challenge mode, which allows you to create and share a link with the exact same map, settings and unlockable feats as in the game you just had. This allows you to challenge your friends to beat your own score in a much more comparable way than it would have been with everything randomized. Each link will also come with its own leaderboard.