Company of Heroes Board Game Coming May 2020

June 5, 2019
Company of Heroes Board Game Coming May 2020

Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes, a WW2 RTS, is being turned into a board game and will be released next year thanks to generous backers on Kickstarter.

Bad Crow Games is working closely with SEGA and Relic Entertainment on creating the Company of Heroes board game which will stay as true to the game while creating a "streamlined board game experience".

Just like the original game, the board game will feature resource collection, commanders and special units, unit production and upgrades. The combat will obviously be simplified, but still put focus on movement, flanking and smart use of available firepower.

The base game will have four playable nations, the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain, and the Wehrmacht (aka Nazi Germany), each of them will have three commanders with unique abilities, just like in the original game.

The base set will have 32 vehicles, 150 infantry figures, 99 dice, 50 trays, 120 markers, and 36 building tiles. If that’s not enough for you, there will be a Terrain Pack that includes buildings, objective points and flags, a Campaign set with AI tokens, event cards, pre-set scenarios, and free-play system, and finally the Elite Commander pack which brings 16 large vehicles (such as the KV-2, Sherman Calliope, King Tiger) and 16 commanders.

So, who is the game for? It’s primarily being made for fans of Company of Heroes and board games, but depending on your preferences you could enjoy it even if you never played Company of Heroes. If “a cross between tactical skirmish games and economy-based resource management games” sounds like something you’d enjoy, you might enjoy it.

The project has 21 days left and it passed the $100,000 goal in only three hours, it’s currently sitting at $230,000 and interestingly, most of the 1,500 backers picked the Collector’s Bundle, the most expensive option. The Company of Heroes board game is expected to release in May 2020.