Collapsed - Roguelike Action-Platformer Announcement Trailer

June 5, 2019
Collapsed - Roguelike Action-Platformer Announcement Trailer

Collapsed is a post-apocalyptic roguelike action-platformer in which you fight enemies through vast procedurally-generated levels alone or with a friend.

Indie developer, Glaive Games has announced their first game, Collapsed. In Collapsed you play as one of 4 unique Hunters who have to track down their prey. Each one has its own set of abilities, skills and combat style.

Travel through hazardous procedurally-generated levels, fighting dozens of enemy types and challenging bosses while investing in a vast skill tree.

This post-apocalyptic world is filled with useful items, that you can combine to gain new traits. You won’t lose all of your precious treasure when you’ll die like in other similar games. You might die a lot, and you will start from the beginning each time, but at least you keep your loot and items for the next run.