Chromecast Ultra Units Crashing After Prolonged Stadia Usage

November 25, 2019
Chromecast Ultra Units Crashing After Prolonged Stadia Usage

If your Chromecast Ultra happens to shut down or gets very hot, don’t worry, that’s just what happens if you play on Stadia for too long.

Stadia launched last week and the issues just don’t stop. Users are reporting that their Chromecasts are heating up and crashing while playing on Stadia. The reports say that this happens around the 4 hour mark, but some claimed that it happens even after 10 minutes.

It seems that the load of streaming 4K with the Chromecast is so great that it becomes unsafe to run and it simply shuts down.

Google commented on this, saying that there is “no thermal throttling issue with Chromecast Ultra.” It might be that Google’s extensive testing wasn’t as extensive as they would like us to believe. They even continued by saying that the device heating up is as attended, which would be understandable if it didn't get so hot that the device turns off.

So, either Google is getting in the space heater business or they might be really worried about how much time you spend in front of the screen and this is just a way to remind you to take a break. It also might be that Stadia is a rushed, and completely pointless product in the state it is currently, but that just my opinion.

Even the CLAW is causing issues. But they are also intended, so it’s fine. The CLAW is a mount for the Stadia controller that you can put your phone in, but when you put it on or take it off, you end up scratching the controller. The best part? Google is completely aware of this. If you scroll down on the product page you’ll notice a disclaimer, “Power Support Claw, may mark the Stadia Controller during installation and removal.

To absolutely no one's surprise, gamers will stick with what they have been using for years. In the meantime Google can sit back down and try again in a few years when we forget about the dumpster fire that Stadia is.