China Has Revoked Indievent’s Business License

July 2, 2019
China Has Revoked Indievent’s Business License

Earlier this year, Devotion was pulled off of Steam when a piece of art poking fun at Chinese president Xi Jinping was found, now the publisher has gone under.

Co-founder of Another Indie, a publisher focused on Europe and Asia, Iain Garner, has posted on Twitter that Indievent, Devotion’s Chinese publisher, has had its business license revoked.

Garner spoke to PCGamesN noting that it is mostly second-hand information from colleagues, Devotion isn’t specifically mention anywhere, just that the publisher broke “relevant” laws.

The game’s developers are from Taiwan, so they’re safe from Chinese regulators, but Garner continued by saying that this has shaken publishers and developers in the region. Even though some are outside of China’s jurisdiction, most of the funding comes from China. If the Chinese government continues the pressure it could be bad news for the developers and publishers in the region.

As for the document posted by Garner, I have zero knowledge of the Chinese language and Google Translate isn’t perfect, but the one thing that it did, seemingly, clearly translate is “...legally prohibited content, which is harmful to national security and social interest”. It is pretty safe to say what it is referring to.