Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Implement Bullet Drop

June 17, 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Implement Bullet Drop

The new Call of Duty will depict the tough decision made in modern warfare, to make the game feel more realistic they will also be adding bullet drop.

Charlie Intel posted on Twitter that the weapons will be realistic effects, one of them being bullet drop. We already know that Modern Warfare’s campaign will keep you on your toes, so bullet drop will be another thing you will have to think about while avoiding civilians.

It is unclear if this will be a campaign only mechanic or if it will find its way to multiplayer too. It doesn’t sound like something that they would split and the fanbase is split between those that dislike it and those that consider it a refreshing change.

Those that dislike it consider it out of place for Call of Duty, since it has always been known as an arcade shooter. Those that consider it a step in the right direction are happy to see the franchise shaking it up and trying new stuff.

Personally, I agree that Call of Duty needs to try new stuff, it became very stale and feels like a reskin year after year. On the other hand, bullet drop doesn’t really feel like a Call of Duty thing, there’s very few maps throughout the entire franchises’ history where bullet drop would be impactful.