Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Be Announced on May 30

May 28, 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Be Announced on May 30

Continuing the trend of leaks for this year’s Call of Duty, the announcement date has been leaked, on May 30 we will get a lot of information and a trailer.

Call of Duty as a franchise tends to have most of its content leaked long before any official announcement was made, so having that in mind, the leaks feel trustworthy. Most of the leaks come from LongSensation on Twitter and what makes the leaks even more credible is the fact that certain people have already had the chance to play the game.

Even Robert Bowling, who previously worked on the Modern Warfare series as a creative strategist, joined the teasing for the game on Twitter.


Based on the leaks so far, we know that the game is in fact called Modern Warfare, not Modern Warfare 4. The name makes sense because the game won’t be a continuation, but a soft reboot. There will be some returning characters and some new ones, the exact plot is still unknown, but it does take inspiration from Modern Warfare 2’s “No Russian” mission.

It seems that the focus will be on telling a compelling story this year. The leak suggesting that the story will portray heavy, emotional and realistic moments with the plot revolving around modern day terrorism. It is also mentioned that this is expected to be the most controversial game in the franchise.

Another thing mentioned is that the remaster of Modern Warfare 2’s campaign will be bundled with the new game. Possibly, even Modern Warfare 3 will be remastered.

When it comes to Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, there are talks about it being free-to-play. As it is custom for F2P games today, season passes might be incorporated and you will be able to buy skins. Honestly, this is the one part I hope isn’t true. Some say that such a move would be good for Activision since they’re trying to revive the Call of Duty franchise. That a free-to-play multiplayer will help bring back players.

Fortunately, if the leaks are true, we won’t have to wait long to find out exactly what Modern Warfare will offer and how the franchise will change.