Broken Hearts Day Arrives to Borderlands 3 for Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2020
Broken Hearts Day Arrives to Borderlands 3 for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day fever is spreading in the gaming world. Apex Legends has revealed their event for celebrating this day of love, and now, Borderlands 3 has announced its event called the Broken Hearts Day.

The Broken Hearts Day should start on February 13, when the February update is supposed to go live, and will last till February 20. It’s a pretty interesting event in which players get to celebrate love by shooting at the hearts that will be floating around their enemies.

There are different kinds of hearts and players can get various rewards. If some players are not interested in participating in this event, they can choose not to be a part of it, unless they’re playing in an online game. Then, the host decides. You can find out more about the event in this post on the official website.

Now, this event, as mentioned, comes as a part of the February update. This update also brings the increase of the level cap from 50 to 53, which allows players to play with 3 more skill points.This and other changes such as the possibility to skip cutscenes, Fight For Your Life improvements, and more have been discussed in a community love letter posted on the official website.

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