Broforce - Save The World With Massive Destruction

January 7, 2019
Broforce - Save The World With Massive Destruction
Image Source: Free Lives Facebook Page

What to do when the whole world is in danger? Call in Broforce! With their pulsating biceps, mantled with American flags, this wild bunch will break through all the enemy barriers to reach the goal. In this case, the goal is to “Get to the chopper!”.  

All fans of pixelated shooters that once enjoyed playing Contra, now have the opportunity to delve into this testosterone mayhem. Inspired by the greatest action heroes (and heroines) from movies in the past 30 years, this game is bloody fantastic.

Image Source: BROFORCE

Who would have thought, in this day and age, a 16-bit game would appear with all its pixelated blobs on the screen and people would have fun playing it. This side-scrolling run-and-gun platform video game for up to four co-op players emits comforting scenes with harmonious melodies and puzzles that trigger your brain cells. Not likely! Chaos with explosions on every step followed by guitar riffs in the background sounds more like it.

The objectives of most levels are pretty simple, destroy everything and everyone that comes your way until you grab a ladder hanging from the chopper and fly off in style. Ok, maybe don’t kill everyone, you can save some hostages as they will up your life count.

What brings more variety to your gameplay, every time you die or save a hostage, your character will be randomly swapped for another awesome bro. Brominator, The Brodator, Bro Max, Ellen Ripbro, The Brofessional, Rambro are just a few examples that bring their own special weapons and abilities.

Image Source: BROFORCE

While some bros prefer hand-to-hand combat, like their respective characters in movies, others have a wide variety of firearms they don’t like to spare by any means. You can also get exclusive characters later developed, called The Expendabros.

This game surely has great replay value because of the constant exchange of characters, the outcome of any level will never be the same.

While you would prefer to choose your favorite character to play with, swapping may bring you someone who is more suited for what is ahead of you. Brodator’s spears when thrown stay lodged in place so you can jump on them, Time Bro can slow down time which can help with some boss fights, when Broheart screams “Freedom!” enemies start running away from you, variations are endless.

Image Source: BROFORCE

Broforce’s almost completely destructible environment allows you to be creative around enemies you would rather avoid.

For example, blasting through the ground to create tunnels when some fire-spitting bosses appear to give you a headache, but you can also use the terrain around you for protection from enemy fire. Just don’t get too destructive. I made that mistake quite a few times and was left with no ground to stand on, which naturally meant I had to die and start over.

Another thing that can get overwhelming, especially if other players are involved, is the amount of explosions that won’t let you see anything but, well, explosions. You can easily get lost in the chaos, leaving you confused, staring at the screen in search for your own character. Countless times I died because I thought I was already dead. Nevertheless, it was still a ton of fun.

For players who prefer to test their strengths amongst each other, there is deathmatch mode. No matter what the outcome is, you would probably want to win and laugh in their faces, as friends do. Furthermore, for those with imagination who like to create things, and then destroy them, there is also a level editor that allows you to make the surroundings appealing to your tastes.

The guns feel impactful and even sound distinct enough, depending on which bro you are currently playing. Music provided by glam guitars, hilarious enemy squeals and over the top narrator that screams in a testosterone filled rage every time you die, perfectly depicts the madness that is Broforce. Overall, it’s a great adrenaline filled gaming experience, whether you’re having a get together with friends or you’re playing solo.