Borderlands GOTY Has a Very Useful Glitch for Item Farmers

April 9, 2019
Borderlands GOTY Has a Very Useful Glitch for Item Farmers

We're hyped about Borderlands 3, but let's not forget about the original that was recently updated for modern hardware. Every game has glitches and bugs, some get patched, some don't and Borderlands GOTY kept some of the bugs from the original, but it also has a new, very useful one.

As it usually goes in looter-shooters, you want to see that orange border around the next item that drops. Some people are fine with RNG and are happy to see one every few hours, others prefer getting them as soon as possible to capitalize on the better stats as much as they can. The new glitch is sure to help the more impatient ones in making their inventory full of legendary items.

You can make use of this glitch after fighting The Destroyer at the end of the game. Once you defeat the final boss, a handful of red chests spawn and you are guranteed a legendary item from one. Once you've looted everything you wanted, you fast travel to any DLC location, save and exit, then just load back in and fast travel back to The Vault. Once you do that, seven fresh red chests will be waiting for you.

Admitably, most of the loot will be underleveled, but the middle chest will have a leveled legendary item and that is what you're looking for. Since we aren't sure if it will get patched or not, make use of it while you can.