Borderlands 3 | Small Introduction to the New Vault Hunters

April 29, 2019
Borderlands 3 | Small Introduction to the New Vault Hunters
Image source: Screenshot of reveal trailer

Borderlands 3 is generating a lot of hype and we’re just a couple of days away from the big gameplay reveal stream. As we all know, with every new game comes a brand new ragtag group of vault hunters. So we here at GameBuz thought that we should introduce these new faces to you guys before the big stream.

The Borderlands website says that these new vault hunters will be “more customizable than all their counterparts from previous games combined,” so we’re really excited to see exactly how much more. Maybe we’ll get to see some more details about customization on the stream but for now, let’s just meet the vault hunters and see what kind of abilities they have.

Moze - The Bot Jock

Image source: Screenshot of reveal trailer

Moze is the girl with the mech/exosuit. She seems to be a gunner/soldier archetype and her gameplay will reportedly be focused on that mech and maybe throwables. We may see different types of grenades and explosives or something along those lines.

The mech is reportedly customizable as well. I think we’ll see a number of different guns that you can equip to your mech like machine guns and rocket launchers. It also looks like one of your friends can jump into the mech with you. In the trailer, we can Zane riding on top of the mech in what appears to be a turret seat similar to the ones in vehicles in previous games.

Zane - The Operative

Image source: Screenshot of reveal trailer

Zane is the white-haired, Adam Jensen looking character and he’s a semi-retired assassin. In the trailer, we can see that he has a holographic decoy. It may work similar to Zero’s ability from the previous game or maybe even similar to Mirage’s tactical from Apex Legends. Either way, the hologram will reportedly draw enemy fire.

The trailer also shows him using a drone but how this will fit into his kit, we don’t know yet. It looks like he’ll have a flexible play style focusing on both assault and stealth. Not much more is known about Zane, so I guess we’ll have to wait for the stream to get to know him better.

Amara - The Siren

Image source: Screenshot of reveal trailer

Every team of vault hunters so far had their siren and this bunch is no different. Amara is the buff as hell lady and she will reportedly be a melee focused character similar to Brick from the first game. Unlike Brick though, she’ll be clobbering enemies with her spectral fists and not her bare hands.

Her abilities will, of course, be focused on her siren powers one of which is like Maya’s from Borderlands 2. Instead of one enemy though, Amara will be able to Phase Lock three enemies at a time. Another one of her abilities was briefly shown in the trailer and that’s the ground slam. This will most likely be a powerful AOE attack.

FL4K - The Beastmaster

Image source: Screenshot of reveal trailer

And the last character is FL4K, the Beastmaster. He looks like a robot that has been frankesteined together from various parts and he’ll reportedly have three beast companions. To me personally, FL4K is the most interesting out of the bunch because he’s a machine but seems to have some strange connection to the beasts of this world.

The three known beast companions that can be seen in the trailer are a Skag, a Spiderant, and what looks like some kind of two-handed Bullymong. I have no idea what this creature is but he sort of reminds me of Gnar from League of Legends. His gameplay will most likely focus on sending the beasts into battle (duh) and providing them with cover fire.

And that’s all the information we have for you guys. Some of the info here is from various leaks, and some is my own speculation, but we’ll find out more soon enough. For more articles like this, more on Borderlands 3, and anything else gaming related stay tuned to GameBuz.