Borderlands 3 - David Eddings Claims Randy Pitchford Assaulted Him

May 7, 2019
Borderlands 3 - David Eddings Claims Randy Pitchford Assaulted Him

As exciting as Borderlands 3 is, the things that are happening behind the curtain are worrying. Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford has taken to Twitter on multiple occasions picking fights with people criticizing his decisions and he’s being called out now.

It has been confirmed that David Eddings will not be returning to Borderlands 3 as the voice of Claptrap. Eddings previously worked at Gearbox and voiced Claptrap without additional pay. This time he wanted to be compensated for his work since he is no longer working at Gearbox.

In response to that Pitchford called him "bitter and disgruntled," and claimed Eddings had a large salary and nothing to complain about, but Eddings wasn’t about to ignore that remark.

Eddings claimed he was ready to do it for free in exchange for past royalties and an apology from Pitchford. The apology he asked for was related to an incident previously unmentioned, in which Pitchford physically assaulted him at GDC 2017.

David Eddings continued by saying that the Gearbox CEO has been on tilt for the last few years and that he isn’t the victim he’d want people to see him as. He ended by reminding everyone that Gearbox is part of an ongoing lawsuit over $12M of revenue siphoned away from the employee royalty pool which exists because Gearbox employees are asked to take lower wages which are compensated later through a percent of royalties.