Blades of Brim - An Endless Runner With a Dash of Combat

February 5, 2019
Blades of Brim - An Endless Runner With a Dash of Combat
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We’re all familiar with endless runner games. If I recall correctly, Temple Run started the whole thing way back when. But here we have something kinda unique. And as a mobile games news site, we feel obligated to share this little gem with you guys.

From the creators of Subway Surfers comes Blades of Brim, an endless runner mixed with some hacking and slashing. Well, it’s not like really a hack and slash but we’ll get to that later in the review. For now, let’s start with the usual.


So it’s an endless runner so there’s not a whole lot to talk about here but we’ll go over the basic gist of things. The kingdom of Brim is under attack from the Goons. They’re these one-eyed purple creatures and they need to be dealt with. That’s where you come in. You’ll be playing as one of the brave warriors of Brim and your task is to slay as much of these creatures as possible.


As with all endless runners, you’ll be swiping your screen to move your character. You have your basic movement which you should be familiar with if you’ve played any endless runner games. The new additions here are wall running and combat mechanics. I haven’t seen any endless runners that try implementing combat in their gameplay so this is pretty refreshing.

So let me elaborate a bit. The way combat works is by swiping in the direction your enemy is in. Say you’re in the middle lane and a goon is in the right one. You’ll have to swipe right as you’re approaching him and your attack animation will start. If a goon is in your way you could do a roll or jump before reaching him to do an attack.

You’ll start with a rusty blade but you’ll be able to change weapon later on. A plethora of swords, maces, axes, and other melee weapons will be at your disposal. Each weapon has its own passive or active ability. For example, I unlocked this ice sword that throws out a shockwave of ice when you do a drop attack (jump from a higher platform and swipe down).

Players will also be able to unlock or purchase other characters, each with his own armor sets. These armor sets will also have some passive effects like extending your wall run, for example. The characters don’t have any unique abilities though which is a bit of a let-down, they’re only different character models.

So with Subway Surfers, we had the hover-boards but here we have mounts (hoverboards don’t exactly fit in a fantasy setting). They function much like the boards in Subway Surfer. What I mean by that is you can use them for a limited time and they kinda protect your health bar if you hit something or get hit by something.

Now there are microtransactions in this game but the game isn’t pay-to-win. You can buy chests in the shop with the coins you collect in your runs. There is also essence which is this games gem currency. The thing is though, you don’t have to spend real money to have a lot of it.

You can pick up essence on your runs, for completing quests, and in chests. Oh, and chests can also be picked up during runs. Just keep an eye out for portals while you play. These will lead you to special little locations that have their own quests and a chest on the way out.


Blades of Brim is certainly a breath of fresh air in the endless runner genre. With its combat mechanics, gear and enemy variety, and replayability it definitely deserves a place in your game library. I should also mention there are ads but they have incentive which is how I like my ads.

So considering all that I’m gonna have to give Blades of Brim a solid 8.0/10. If you’re a fan of endless runners be sure to check this one out. It's out on both Anrdoid and iOS and its free. But as always guys for more mobile game news, reviews, and much, much more stay tuned to your favorite mobile games news site - GameBuz.