Black Mesa: Xen Early Access Available Now

December 24, 2019
Black Mesa: Xen Early Access Available Now

Crowbar Collective has announced that Black Mesa: Xen update has been released, as well as that the game is now available on Steam as Early Access.

We have pushed a major patch to the Xen levels and released the full game on Steam “mainline”. This means you can play a polished and tested version of all Black Mesa without having to switch into public-beta. If you have been holding out for Xen, this is what you have been waiting for,” reads the announcement on Steam.

The developer will be on the lookout for bugs and feedback, and if everything is ready as planned, the game should be out of Early Access in early 2020.

Black Mesa: Xen is a recreation of the original Half-Life's Xen section, and players can now enjoy completely new Xen levels.