Black Friday Spins Its Way to SEGA Shop Europe

November 25, 2019
Black Friday Spins Its Way to SEGA Shop Europe

Available from November 25th - December 1st, there’s tons of discounts on official SEGA goodies, including clothing, collectible anniversary coins, and more.

T-shirts are half off. Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, Alex Kidd, Mega Drive, Dreamcast, whatever comes to mind, it’s all there. The t-shirts representing classic SEGA series’ and consoles have always been an amazing deal, but now you can grab them with up to 50%.

In case you’re in the mood for hoodies, the Dreamcast and Mega Drive hoodies, come with a matching beanie for free. Staying on topic, beanie and keyrings are also half off, a personal favorite is Master System keyring.

But don’t forget socks, because realistically, we always need socks. SEGA had that in mind, so if you buy two pairs, you’ll get one more pair for free.

And finally, to celebrate 25 years of Knuckles and Amy, when you buy the official collectible anniversary coin, you’ll get one for free. Which means you can pick up both for the price of one.

So, if you’re a SEGA fan, head over to the webshop and enjoy the great deals.