Bite-Sized Gaming #1 - Ball Mayhem

March 3, 2019
Bite-Sized Gaming #1 - Ball Mayhem
Image source: Play store

Bite-sized gaming is a short article about small time-killing games that we wouldn’t otherwise write about because they don’t have enough content for a full article on a mobile games news site. So, from us here at GameBuz, here is today’s pick to make your next trip to the bathroom more enjoyable.


Ball Mayhem


Ball Mayhem, coming from the developer of Helix Jump, is an American Football themed game. The rounds last a minute and a half and you just need to score touchdowns.

The round starts with 3 players on each team including you. You race towards the ball and when you have it you need to get it to the end zone.

After the round starts, more players spawn periodically trying to stop you or help you depending on which teams players spawned.

If an opponent touches you while you have the ball you’re stunned and lose the ball. You take the ball away from them the same way. If your teammate has the ball you can help him by running into opponents to stun them so that he doesn’t lose the ball.

Beyond the game, there are small customization options that you unlock by playing and scoring touchdowns. There are also a few options that you pay for with premium currency and ad removal is there in case you want to support the developer. It’s not in-your-face like in many other games.

The game has super simple controls, quick rounds and a dose of suspense when you have a bunch of opponents right behind you as you near the end zone. It could use an extra game-mode, multiplayer or some additional setting for the matches, beyond that it’s exactly what Bite-sized gaming is about.