BioWare Teases What Might Be a Mass Effect Remaster

January 16, 2020
BioWare Teases What Might Be a Mass Effect Remaster

If you were hoping to see a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy, that might be something you’ll get very soon.

BioWare posted a short clip on Twitter referencing the first Mass Effect game. Besides the clip, the only thing in the Twitt is “#MassRelays”.

The clip itself shows the opening to the original Mass Effect, a text introduction explaining the technology used to travel great distances in space. The clip then cuts to the cover art for Mass Effect.


Checking the comments on the post show a huge number of people interested in a remaster and hoping it will be announced soon.

Besides the large number of people getting hyped for something that might not even happen, there is almost as many who hope it isn’t a remaster. Citing the fact that the people that worked on the original trilogy, and most of the original BioWare team, are no longer a part of BioWare, as such they are worried that this new team will ruin the beloved trilogy.

Considering that Mass Effect: Andromeda exists, it’s clear why some people would be worried, but it might actually be a good idea for the new team to do this. Before you get the pitchforks and torches, consider that it could be a learning experience for them.

If they were to only remaster it without changing any of the core elements, they will get a feel for what made the Shepard trilogy so great. Going back to the original and working on it could teach them a valuable lesson about the franchise and help in avoiding any future Andromeda situations.

Just remastering it won’t bring back the trust they lost with Andromeda and Anthem, but it will give something to fans they will enjoy and give them time to create something truly great.

In the end, it might not be a teaser for a remaster at all.