BioWare Hiring People to Redesign Loot System in Anthem

April 17, 2019
BioWare Hiring People to Redesign Loot System in Anthem

BioWare has been quiet for a while and their game isn’t doing too well, so as per usual, gamers started digging on their own.

A user on Reddit noticed that BioWare has some openings they wish to fill. Specifically, system designers to work on rewards, item design and balancing, and a senior system designer to work on the loot system.

Whoever decides to apply will definitely have their work cut out for them. Anthem isn’t doing so well, so the call for reinforcements is a welcome sight for the people that still have hope for the game.

This also means that BioWare and EA are in it for the long run, Anthem won’t get dropped like Andromeda was after it’s underwhelming (horrible) launch.

The only thing left to see is whether Anthem will be updated incrementally or will it receive one large update that will be the turning point for the game like Diablo did with Reaper of Souls.

In case you're interested in joining BioWare, you can do so here:

Senior Systems Designer (Loot)

BioWare: System Designer I (Item Creation and Design)

BioWare: System Designer I (Store and Reward Pipeline)

BioWare: System Designer II (Combat Balance)