Beyond Good and Evil 2: Everything We’ve Learned So Far

January 10, 2019
Beyond Good and Evil 2: Everything We’ve Learned So Far
Image source: Beyond Good and Evil 2 official site

So back in 2003, Ubisoft released a game called Beyond Good & Evil. At the time it wasn't that successful. It wasn’t properly marketed because Ubisoft was more focused on Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which came out in the same year. However, over time Beyond Good & Evil gained a fanbase and became a cult classic.

So when a sequel (actually a prequel) was announced fans went nuts and so did we here at the office. As a PC, console and mobile games news site, we’ve been following the development quite a bit and we’ll be talking about what we’ve learned so far in this article. So if you’re a fan or just saw the trailers and you wanna know more, we have you covered.

The Setting

Image source: Betond Good and Evil 2 official site

With this being a prequel there's some contextual info that you need to know. In this universe, humans created all kinds of new tech including robots, and a new propulsion engine that removes the limits of space exploration. They also created human-animal hybrids for all kinds of purposes, and one of those is Pey’j (yeah, the pig dude from the first game) the first talking hybrid. After the machines turn on the humans they are forced to leave earth and settle somewhere in space. Expeditions are sent to 5 solar systems but they lose contact with each other.

Now, this game will focus on System 3. The humans have created a settlement that has evolved into a huge city called Ganesha City. The city is divided, the humans live on top, in tall buildings, and the hybrids dwell in shanty towns built on the city's foundation. Hybrids are also used as slaves which sparks a rebellion and leads to the emergence of space pirates. And yes, you will be one of those space buccaneers. You’ll be able to play as both a human or a hybrid, it’s up to you to choose which one.

The Gameplay

Image source: Betond Good and Evil 2 official site

Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be an online co-op, open-world, action-RPG, and it plays like one from what we’ve seen in the gameplay footage. But, if you’re a loner type you’ll be able to play solo too. You will have three distinct tools at your disposal, a sword, a gun, and a jetpack. You’ll be able to attach a number of augments to these tools which will give them extra effects. For example, an augment that allows you to put enemies in a time-slowing sphere.

Now, I said this is an open-world game but it’s more like open-galaxy. And you can’t have that without some badass spaceships. The developers have stated that every vehicle you see in the world will be drivable (or should I say flyable). For now, we’ve seen footage of a smaller ship or a fighter and what looks like a flying motorcycle. You’ll also have a huge mothership which we haven’t seen in action yet. The fighter will be used for combat so you’ll be able to add augments to that as well. You should also know that the ships will be fully customizable from parts to paint.

And speaking of ships, your mothership won't run itself. You’ll be a space pirate captain and every captain needs a hardy crew. NPCs will be recruitable but be sure to recruit a diverse bunch. Luckily, players will have a spyglass (because what’s a pirate without a spyglass) that will help with finding the perfect crew members. You can also scan buildings and enemies to gain more info on them. When scanning enemies you’ll also see what augments they have which will give you combat advantage.


Image source: Betond Good and Evil 2 official site

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been in development for over a decade now, but it’s coming along nicely. It’s being developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and even has Michel Ancel onboard, one of the creators of the original game. But wait, there’s more.

Ubisoft wanted to get the fans engaged in the creation process and have partnered with hitRECord to do that. If you don’t know what hitRECord is, it’s an online collaborative platform where people can work on all kinds of projects. So if you want your art or music featured in the game head over to the hitRECord site and submit your work, you’ll be paid for it too. The project is far from over though and we’ll be keeping an eye out and keep updating you guys as more info becomes available. So, for more on Beyond Good and Evil 2 stay tuned to GameBuz.