Bethesda Breaks Promise, Adds Non-Cosmetic Microtransactions to Fallout 76

April 5, 2019
Bethesda Breaks Promise, Adds Non-Cosmetic Microtransactions to Fallout 76

We all know how bad the launch of Fallout 76 was and how the game has suffered from a series of technical problems, bugs, glitches. Considering all that it seemed hard to imagine that Bethesda could anger fans more, but astoundingly Fallout 76’s latest update did just that.

Bethesda recently announced that new updates will be dropping after the April 9th patch. The update will add repair kits, which can be obtained with Atoms via the shop. The repair kits can be used to, as the name implies, repair damaged items. But ironically, adding the repair kits only did more damage.

Prior to the release, Bethesda promised to fans that they would never introduce any other microtransactions except the cosmetic-only type. The decision to add these repair kits has infuriated the Fallout 76 community that despite the games shortcomings wanted to give it a chance and kept playing.

According to the announcement, there are two types of repair kits: basic and improved. The former restores the item durability to 100% and the latter increases it to 150%. Only the basic repair kits can be purchased at the Atomic shop though while the improved ones are only attainable by completing in-game objectives.

To provide some more context to the people who don’t play, in Fallout 76, the characters have to fix their damaged gear in real time, and the repair kits will reduce that time. This definitely crossed the line of being "non-cosmetic" and "affecting the game mechanics" in a favorable manner for the players who purchased the repair kits.

This clearly contradicts Bethesda initial claims regarding the in-game store and it’s highly debatable whether Fallout 76 will ever have a solid player count.