Bethesda Announced Balancing Fixes for The Elder Scrolls: Blades

May 20, 2019
Bethesda Announced Balancing Fixes for The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades has been a disappointing experience due to the microtransactions, and the underwhelming rewards and loot, but Bethesda has promised to fix all of that.

Bethesda has noticed that gamers are unhappy and that the game needs some serious fixing and rebalancing, so for once, they decided to do something about it.

We've reduced silver chest timers to one hour, rebalanced direct purchase offers, increased Gem rewards for daily and weekly jobs,

Besides that, they announced a few more changes.

Adjusting the cost of repairing equipment. We hear you loud and clear on this one: Repair costs are too high. We’re looking into ways to better balance how much it costs to repair items - look forward to this change soon.

Abyss balance adjustments at higher levels. Many of you have mentioned that the balancing in the Abyss at higher levels isn’t quite right, and we’re actively adjusting that balance to be a way more fun (and fair) experience.

Fixing job difficulty. We want to make sure that the job difficulty indicators (Skulls) more accurately represent difficulty. As of now, the number of Skulls doesn’t correctly reflect difficulty and can surprise players with their character’s untimely death. We’re also looking into balancing later-game jobs overall.

Adjusting enemy difficulty. Some enemies are too high in overall difficulty, and are able to perform attacks too quickly against players. This is unintentional, and we’re working on adjusting enemy difficulty.

There is also more content and updates that they aren’t ready to announce yet, but they are promised for this years E3.