Benjamin Byron Davis Shares an Essay his Mother Wrote About RDR2

February 13, 2020
Benjamin Byron Davis Shares an Essay his Mother Wrote About RDR2

Benjamin Byron Davis, the actor behind the voice of Dutch van der Linde, one of the main antagonists in Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2, has shared an essay his 75-year-old mother, Jessica Hoffmann Davis, wrote about her experience of playing the game.

He shared the essay on reddit, and it is titled “Unsung Heroes: Reconceptualizing a Video Game as a Work of Art”.

In the essay, she talks about the game in general, her son’s work on it, her first attendance of a fan convention and realizations she arrived at there, what it was like for her when she started playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and challenges she faced.

She also shares how the community was supportive of her attempts at playing the game when her son first revealed to them that his mother is trying to play it. Moreover, she discusses what a journey this has been for her, and conclusions she has arrived at.

At the end of the essay, she reveals her reflections about Red Dead Redemption 2 which she texted to her son when she had finished the game.

Words cannot recreate for someone who has not entered this world what it contains and inspires. Such a range of emotions and encounters and I have yet to do anything with the watches and rings in my satchel, the playing cards, the dominoes …the letters we received. The world that was created here is rich with possibilities that I have still to explore, but it has taken me months to come from front to back, from ignorant thoughts of “just a video game” to real admiration of a “work of art",” she says.

It’s a really interesting essay, and it’s definitely worth reading. However, if you haven't played or finished the game yet, then beware that there are some spoilers in it.