Become a Leader of 'Counter Terrorist Agency' Later This Year

April 24, 2019
Become a Leader of 'Counter Terrorist Agency' Later This Year

Polish studio WarSaw Games, in cooperation with 911 Operator publisher, starts their own war against terrorism this fall. Counter Terrorist Agency is a modern intelligence bureau on a mission to discover possible threats to society and eliminating them before the attack takes place. Become a part of a team now via Kickstarter and do your best, so your friends and family can feel safe at night.

No more terror

Counter Terrorist Agency is a real-time strategy game mixed with tycoon and simulation gameplay elements. The game’s focus is put on managing the organization and preventing attacks all over the world, using modern invigilation techniques. Infiltrate suspicious groups, listen to shady phone calls and read confidential e-mails. Will you be able to put all the puzzles together and make a fair judgment on the situation? Remember that any bad decision can cost hundreds of lives!

Use whatever means necessary to stop various terrorist groups around the world – from religious fundamentalists and far-right activists to destructive cults and narco-terrorists. Gather intel and use it for a good cause, explore new possibilities and let your Agency grow in power for better performance in the upcoming operations.

Help build global CTA

You can take an active part in the creation of the worldwide Counter Terrorist Agency by pledging your money on Kickstarter Campaign. Rewards for the backers include i.a. special thanks in the credits, demo version of the game (delivered NOW), access to the closed beta, digital soundtracks and more! The game is already 50% finished and the additional funding from the gaming community will help cover further development of the console and mobile versions of CTA.

Are there any “early birds” here? If you’re already more than excited, you can get the game for half a price. Pay 10 CA$ for special thanks in the credits and a copy of Counter Terrorist Agency when the game launches this fall. Don’t think about it too long though, as it’s a limited offer!

Your help can prove itself crucial in maintaining peace on a global scale. Take your chance and become a hero of us all.