Battlefield V - War in the Pacific Coming October 31

October 24, 2019
Battlefield V - War in the Pacific Coming October 31

Chapter 5: War in the Pacific will take players back to classic Battlefield all-out war on land, air, and sea, that the franchise is known for on October 31.

The iconic battles via land, air, and sea on maps like Iwo Jima are memories that gamers have only found in Battlefield. On October 31 for the first time in ten years, DICE is bringing players back to the battle of the Pacific in World War 2 with Battlefield V Chapter 5: War in the Pacific.

The first two nostalgic maps being released in Chapter 5 are Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm. Iwo Jima is a highly dynamic map that has the U.S. and Japanese forces engaged in a beach landing invasion in an all-or-nothing clash across wide-open black beaches and close-range environments.

Providing more water-based combat, the Pacific Storm map takes players through treacherous weather on a set of islands as they must secure control points using boats, tanks, or aircraft.

Besides Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm, Wake Island will be added later in December. The rest of the announced additions are:

• New factions: The U.S. and Japan.
• New weapons including the M1 Garand and M1919A6 and many more.
• New vehicles including the M4 Sherman tank and the F4U Corsair plane.
• New stationary weapons.
• New gadgets like the Katana and Flamethrower Battle Pickups.
• New Chapter Rewards including weapons, soldier sets, weapon skins, and melee weapons.

The full details are available on the Battlefield V site.