Assassin’s Creed III: Remastered Will Have Gameplay as Well as Graphical Improvements

March 15, 2019
Assassin’s Creed III: Remastered Will Have Gameplay as Well as Graphical Improvements
Image source: Ubisoft website

Ubisoft has announced what gameplay improvements will be added in the upcoming remaster for Assassin's Creed III. The game will also receive additional updates on the Switch version due to the console's unique features like docking and having a touchscreen.

The gameplay improvements for Assassin's Creed III: Remastered are listed in the March Monthly Update for Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The reason for the changes is that Ubisoft wants a "better balance between action and stealth" in the remaster. Double assassinations are now easier to pull off. Whistling to attract enemy guards can now also be done from bushes and not just from behind cover. Black Flag’s free-aiming mechanic will also be implemented, allowing more control with Connor's pistols and bow.

The remaster will also include "additional weapons for crafting," an updated in-game economy, and a new UI that will incorporate a color-blind mode. The game will include new Legacy outfits as well, so you can dress up Connor as the protagonists of other Assassin's Creed games.

The Switch version will receive a few additional gameplay changes. It will include touch screen support for navigating the menus and even motion control for aiming long-range weapons. The design of the UI will also be tweaked to better adapt to the console's docking feature and HD rumble support has been added as well.

Assassin’s Creed III: Remastered is coming out for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on March 29, and for Nintendo Switch on May 21. The game will be released as a standalone title, but it will also be included in Odyssey's Season Pass.