Apex Legends - You Can Save the Bin Bug Super Jump for Later

April 22, 2019
Apex Legends - You Can Save the Bin Bug Super Jump for Later

Players previously noticed that supply bins in Apex Legends can catapult you across the map, now they found a way to save it for later.

A Reddit user, Calvin304, posted a video of him seemingly saving the super jump for later instead of instantly being sent away off the bin. He didn’t explain how he did it, but someone else did offer an explanation in the comments.

"Do [the] supply bin bug, then jump at it like you want to just hang from it and peek over it, you will get rocketed to the ground and next time you jump it will send you flying," said user HtlrWthtVwls.

It isn’t clear what exactly causes the bug, but the players do have an idea on what the reason is and based on that found a way to further exploit it. The theory is that the game just saves momentum in such a specific way that you can use any physical object which is held in place and you can interact with can be used to launch yourself.

It is unknown whether Respawn considers this cheating, but it is smart to keep in mind that the license agreements of online games state that you are not allowed to (ab)use glitches. Even though it gives players an advantage, it is unlikely that Respawn is going to go out of its way to ban people for using a pretty funny glitch.

Until players stop pretending to be low orbit satellites, why not play a legend that's good at not being seen?