Apex Legends Stream Views down 75% in a Single Month

April 23, 2019
Apex Legends Stream Views down 75% in a Single Month

Apex Legends looked like a worthy contender for Fortnite when it released but the plummeting Twitch views paint a different picture.

Thanks to the streaming industry report we see that Apex Legends lost 75% of its viewership. Initially, the numbers were twice those of Fortnite, having a peak of 40 million hours watched in a single week. Currently, Apex Legends is on a steady decline while Fortnite stayed stable with regular peaks and dips in views.

Obviously, Twitch views don't equal the number of people playing the game, just that people aren't as interested in streaming and watching anymore. It doesn’t come as a surprise since Apex Legends doesn’t really have much to offer, it gets boring watching the same thing over and over again.

Fortnite is cartoonish and goofy with very specific gameplay because players can build structures, PUBG has multiple huge maps and a more realistic style and Apex just feels like another shooter. The lack of diversity in Apex really shows and players are asking for more regular updates.

Apex Legends has great potential, but before handling new content, Respawn will have to take a look at some more basic issues, like cheaters and bugs regularly showing up.