Apex Legends - Some Tips and Tricks That Might Help

February 19, 2019
Apex Legends - Some Tips and Tricks That Might Help
Image source: Apex Legends Facebook page

Apex Legends blew up in no time. Everyone and their grandma is either talking about or playing this game. And for good reason too, it’s an amazing take on the battle royale genre. Apex Legends executes some things a lot better than other titles in the genre and brings something new to the table.

That being said, these additions have to be understood before being implemented. So I’ve been playing Apex Legends a lot and I’ve watched countless YouTube videos in an attempt to not suck at the game. And now, I bring all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated here to you guys. So here are some tips and tricks that might make you a better player and make us all suck a bit less.


Where do I Drop?

Image source: EA website

Well, that’s a good question there buddy. There are a few places of interest where you and your squadmates might want to drop. So at the start of every game if you open up the map you’ll see a blue circle on it. This circle marks a high-tier loot location. If you choose to go this route be prepared for a fight because this location will attract other players.

Alternatively, you could drop on a dropship. You’ll see this thing in the air and it will be moving around so time your jump carefully. The dropship also has some pretty nice loot but, again, you might face other players so prepare yourself.


Use the Ping System

Image source: EA website

Respawn Entertainment, whoever came up with this system give that person a raise. It’s so damn good especially if you or your teammates don’t have a mic. In the tutorial, the game tells you that you can ping locations, enemies, weapons, and ammo. What it doesn’t tell you is that you can also ping stuff in your inventory.

For example, if you need a certain ammo type you can pop open your inventory and ping the ammo type of your weapon. The same goes for attachments. If you need a scope or an extended mag you can ping the slot and your squadmates will be notified. And don’t forget to thank your teammates, let’s keep it sportsmanlike out there people.


Damage Numbers

Image source: EA website


You know how some games have those little numbers that pop up when you deal damage? Well, Apex Legends has those too. However, they don’t just show how much damage you did to the enemy. The numbers are color-coded depending on the armor your enemy has. Let’s go through each color, shall we?

So if you see white numbers your enemy has common armor. If you see blue numbers your enemy has rare armor. If the numbers are purple that means your enemy has epic or higher armor. Yellow numbers mean you’re hitting headshots and red numbers mean that your enemy has no armor. Also, if you hear a kind of smashing noise that means your enemy’s armor has been depleted.


Movement Speed

Image source: EA website


So the legends in Apex Legends come in all shapes and sizes. For example, we have the Wraith who’s pretty slim and athletic looking. Then we have our thicc boi Gibraltar who’s covered in heavy armor. Now you’d think that these two have different movement speeds due to their size but no.

It has been confirmed that all legends have the same movement speed to keep things a bit more balanced I guess. While playing it may seem like some characters move slower than others but the only difference is the speed of the arm animation. Also, a little side concerning movement speed. Holstering your weapon will make your character run slightly faster.


Redeploy Balloons

Image source: EA website

So there are these balloons all over the map with ropes attached to them. If you ride the rope all the way to the top you’ll jump off at the end and deploy your jetpack thingie (i have no idea what it’s called). These bad boys are super useful in a pinch, let me explain why.

So say you’re running away from the circle and it’s closing in on you and your pals. One of these balloons can mean life or death in this type of situation. You can quickly zip up there and reposition yourself inside the circle easy peasy. They’re also good if you want to escape a losing fight pretty quickly but take note. Shooting your gun while you’re on the rope is pointless since accuracy goes out the window while you’re on it.

And that’s all we have for you for now. I’m not really good at battle royale games but I’m learning a lot and I’m playing the game as much as I can. So we’re gonna be embarking on this journey together. Expect more on Apex Legends soon, I’ll keep updating you guys on anything and everything I learn. Until then stay tuned to your favorite pc, console and mobile games news site - GameBuz.