Apex Legends Season 5 Release Date and New Event Revealed

April 27, 2020
Apex Legends Season 5 Release Date and New Event Revealed

Respawn Entertainment has announced that Apex Legends Season 5 will start on May 12. Before that, there is a new event called the Battle Armor event, and it starts on April 28. It takes place on World's Edge and it will introduce a new limited-time mode Battle Armor, and it will last until season 5 begins.

Here’s how it’ll play out: during the event rotation only one armor type will be available, and players will drop into the match with it already equipped. Players will also drop with a P2020," says Jason McCord, Design Director on Apex Legends, in the announcement post. 

"All armor will be removed from the loot pool, but shield cells and batteries, as well as all the other sweet, sweet loot, will still be available (just not armor).” 

According to schedule, on April 28, players in Battle Armor mode will drop with white armor, then on May 2, it will be upgraded to blue armor. On May 6, blue armor will be replaced by purple armor, and finally, from May 9 until May 12 they will drop with Evo Armor.

Also, it is said that Season 4 is being extended by one week. This way, those who want to grind out their Battle Pass or try to reach that next level of Ranked have more time to achieve this until Season 5 kicks off.