Apex Legends | A Guide for Wraith, The Interdimensional Skirmisher

March 25, 2019
Apex Legends | A Guide for Wraith, The Interdimensional Skirmisher
Image source: EA website

So Apex Legends has been out for a couple of months now, and I’ve been playing the game as much as I can. I’ve gathered up a bunch of information about the Legends, and it’s time to share it with you guys. Whether you’re new to the game or just wanna get a bit better with a specific Legend, this guide should give you everything you need.

I plan on doing these guides for every Legend in the game and as the title suggests the first one I’m covering is Wraith. I’ve played her the most out of all the Legends and know the most about her so I figured she should be the first one I do a guide on. I’ll be going over her abilities, how they work, and ways to use her kit in combat. So without further ado, let’s start with her abilities.

Passive - Voices from the Void

Image source: EA website

In case you’re new to the game you should know that every Legend has three unique abilities (passive, tactical, and ultimate). Wraith’s passive is called Voices from the Void. During a match, you’ll hear voices that tell you when an enemy is aiming at you or when there are traps nearby.

There are a few different voice lines and different ones will play for different situations. For example, if you’re being aimed at by an enemy sniper, you’ll hear a voice saying “sniper, watch out” or something along those lines. When you hear the voice, you can share the info with your teammates with a press of a button (down on the D-pad for consoles and the H key on PC).

You should also know that the voices will sometimes trigger when you’re just on an enemies’ screen. They don’t have to aim directly at you or even be aware that you’re there for your passive to activate. It can get confusing at times, but hopefully, with this information, it’ll be a little less so.

Tactical - Into the Void

Image source: EA website

Now let’s talk about Wraith’s tactical ability, Into the Void. When activated, after a small delay, you enter the Void (as the name implies) and become partially invisible and invulnerable for about 4 seconds. I couldn’t find exactly how many seconds so I just used the ability and counted in my head (insert improvise, adapt, overcome meme here).

So what do I mean by partially invisible? Well, when the ability is active, you will leave a little trail behind you. Along with the invisibility and invulnerability, your movement speed will be increased for the duration of the ability. You should also know that while in the Void you can’t interact with anything except ziplines and the redeploy balloons.

Also, you won’t be able to see other players while using this ability. The silhouettes you’ll see aren’t other players so keep that in mind.

Ultimate - Dimensional Rift

Image source: EA website

And last but not least we have her ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift. When you pop this bad boy, you’ll get a movement speed boost and create an entrance portal. By pressing your shoot button, you’ll make an exit portal. You can also just wait till the end of the ultimate, and an exit portal will be placed automatically. Also, you can enter this “Void tunnel” from either side, and you will always take the path you took when creating the portals.

The portals you create can be used by anyone, even enemies, so be careful where you put them. However, while players can pass through the same cannot be said for objects. So, throwables, bullets, and abilities won’t pass through the portals. Also, entering the portal will cancel actions like healing and shield recharging.

Now, while her tactical ability duration has a set time, her ultimate has a set distance. This meant that if you don’t travel that set distance, you can keep it active basically forever. You should also know that if you activate the ultimate accidentally you can cancel it by pressing the hotkey again and it’ll refresh the ability. Note that this only works if you use less than 2% of the Void Energy. If you use more the ability will not refresh. The portals will stay up for exactly 60 seconds (I didn’t have to count for this one).

How Do I Play Wraith?

So Wraith is a great Legend for people who are new to the game. She has the smallest hitbox out of all the legends and with her tactical and ultimate abilities she can be extremely slippery in the right hands. I’ve already explained how her passive works and there’s nothing else to add there so let’s just go to her tactical ability.

So Wraith’s tactical makes you invisible and invulnerable which seems a bit OP but the fact that you can’t see anyone balances things out. Also, this makes it kind of hard to use the ability offensively. It’s useful for flanking enemies, but I personally save it for the disengage. You can even get out of a Gibraltar or Bangalore ultimate if you time it well and avoid all the damage. You can also juke enemies really well with this ability.

For example, if an enemy is right behind you and you need to get away try this little trick. Pop your tactical, run away from the enemy, climb something, and when you reach the top jump right back down. The idea is for the guy to follow you, but when he climbs up, you’ll jump back down through him for a nice little bamboozle.

But let’s move to Wraith’s ult and how it can be utilized in a match. So it’s a pretty straight forward ability and at first glance, it might seem a bit...useless. I had that impression at first but boy oh boy was I wrong. This ability is just so damn versatile.

So what can you do with it? Well, Wraith’s ult is a bit more offensively oriented than her tactical ability. Don’t get me wrong though, it can be used defensively as well. So say you and your teammates are running to get to the circle and you’re a bit ahead. Well, you can pop your ult and make a tunnel for your teammates, so they don’t end up losing chunks of their health to the circle. Also, the speed boost you get from your ult is significant, but it’s risky to use it for running away since anyone can use your portals and enemies can just follow you through it.

Offensively though, you have a bit more options. You can use it to transport your team to an enemy location for a rush or flank. You could make a tunnel to the enemy position, go in alone, get their attention, go back into the portal, and lead them into an ambush full of Caustic’s traps. Another thing you can do (although it’s pretty situational) is to juke enemies if you get downed near your portal. Just keep going back and forth through the tunnel, it’s hilarious. But be careful if you knock someone near your portal, they can do the same thing to you.

And that’s about it for this guide people. If you think I missed anything important feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know. Any feedback from you guys is welcome as it helps us bring you better content. And as always for more on Apex Legends and pretty much anything gaming related stay tuned to your favorite pc, console and mobile games news site - GameBuz.