Apex Legends | A Guide for Mirage, The Holographic Trickster

April 20, 2019
Apex Legends | A Guide for Mirage, The Holographic Trickster
Image source: EA website

Another week, another guide. Hey everyone and welcome to this week’s Apex Legends guide. So far we’ve gone over Wraith, Octane, and Pathfinder, and you can check those out if you haven’t already. But this week I’m going to try to teach you guys how to bamboozle properly and who better to do that with than the bamboozler himself, Mirage.

As some of you loyal readers know by now, we’re gonna cover all of his abilities, how they work, and then move on to ways you can use his kit and maybe win some games. And with the intro out of the way let’s jump straight into his abilities.

Passive - Encore!

Image source: EA website

When downed, Mirage will deploy a holo decoy right in front of where you were downed. The hologram does this fake, over the top dying animation while you’re cloaked for 5 seconds (not fully invisible, more like translucent). Remember that this will trigger every time you get downed and you will immediately go into a crawl.

Tactical - Psych Out

Image source: EA website

Mirage sends out a holo decoy that looks exactly like him (same skin, weapons) wherever you’re aiming. The decoy lasts 15 seconds and so does the cooldown, so as one decoy disappears another can be deployed. When enemies shoot the decoy, you’ll see a little hit marker which will give you an idea of where the enemy might be. Also, if the decoy hits a solid object, it will stop running.

Ultimate - Vanishing Act

Image source: EA website

When activated, Mirage cloaks himself for 5 seconds and surrounds himself with a team of 5 decoys that stand still. The charge time for this ability is fairly short (150 seconds), so you’ll be able to use it a lot. You should also be aware that you can’t use items or shoot while cloaked, you’ll have to wait for the ability to end.

How Do I Play Mirage?

Mirage’s kit doesn’t really offer a lot for your team (actually it offers nothing, to be honest) unlike a lot of other Legends in the game. So if you’re more of a solo player you or don’t like depending on your team that much, Mirage is a pretty good pick for you. Now let’s take a look at how you can use his kit starting with his passive.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that considers Mirage’s passive as one of the weakest (if not the weakest) passives in the entire game. The cloaking will help you from time to time by giving you a few seconds to get away from your enemy (for example when they’re pretty far away), but most of the time you’ll get insta killed. Also, try not to use your knockdown shield since it will reveal your location. There’s really nothing else to say about this ability (it’s really underwhelming), so we’re just gonna move on to his tactical ability.

Psych Out is Mirage’s bread and butter ability. His meat and potatoes if you will. That being said, you should get really good with this ability since it’s his most useful one. The most obvious way people use Psych Out is to deploy the decoy to the left and run right or vice versa. Some players will constantly spam the ability just to check if there are other teams around and potentially bait them out, which is also a great use for it.

What I’ve rarely seen people do is use the decoy as a meat shield (or holo shield in this case I guess). The decoy can absorb one to two shots so you can throw it out directly in front of you while in the middle of a fight. A great time to use it like this is when you’re going up against someone using a shotgun, it might block that critical shot and save your butt.

But wait, there’s more (like I said, bread and butter). The decoy will mimic what you were doing while deploying it. So for example, if you deploy it while crouching the decoy will be crouched. If you were walking, it will walk, and so on.

And remember what I said about the decoy stopping when it hits a solid object? Well, you can use that in a pretty clever way. If you just wiped a squad and want to loot a little safer, deploy your decoy right at the deathbox. This will make it look like there’s two Mirage’s looting and potentially bamboozle the enemy. Another clever way to use it around deathboxes is to deploy it from cover towards a deathbox that’s in the open. This may bait enemies into shooting and revealing their location.

And finally, we have his ultimate move, Vanishing Act. I feel like most people use this one defensively more than offensively probably because you can’t shoot while cloaked. However you can use it offensively too, just make sure you don’t get spotted while you’re cloaked and try to activate the ability while in cover.

Now, the trick I’m about to share with you is a bit hard to pull off in the middle of a fight, but you can try it for yourself regardless. When you’re on an elevated position (like a rock or a small roof), try activating your ultimate. If you do this correctly, your decoys will drop down and this will cause them to start running. However, note that this doesn’t work when you pop your ult mid-air for some reason.

And that’s about it, people. If I missed something important by any chance feel free to let me know down in the comments. Also, if this guide helped you or taught you something new, consider leaving a like, it means a lot to us. For more guides and pretty much anything gaming related stay tuned to GameBuz.