Apex Legends - More Tips and Tricks That Might Help

February 21, 2019
Apex Legends - More Tips and Tricks That Might Help
Image source: EA website

I’ve been playing this game a ton since the last time we talked about it. And as promised I’m back with more tips and tricks for you guys. Last time we went over some of the basics to get you started. This time around we’re gonna be diving a little bit deeper and talking about some slightly advanced stuff. So without further delay let’s get started.


Image source: EA website

As with Respawn’s previous titles, your movement is pretty important. We know that all the legends have the same movement speed, we covered that last time. Now for some more advanced stuff. If you played the tutorial you’ll know that sliding is essential in this game. You also know that sliding down hills will give you a boost in speed.

What it doesn’t tell you is that you can get a bit of a boost while doing it on flat surfaces too. Here’s what you do. Go into a sprint, then hit the crouch button for a slide, keep it going for a bit, then hit the jump button to jump out of the slide. Not only will this make you cover distances a bit faster but it will also make your movement a bit unpredictable making it harder to shoot you.

Another thing you should know about sliding is this. When sliding down a hill you're able to keep that direction and look around freely. So if you’re being chased consider sliding down a big hill (if it’s an option). You’ll be able to move away from the enemy and shoot them at the same time.


Image source: EA website

While we’re on the subject of movement let’s cover ziplines. They’re extremely useful for covering distances super fast. However, you’ll be going in a straight, predictable line which makes you an easy target. So to be a bit safer try jumping off and reattaching to a zipline to make yourself a bit harder to hit.

You can also shoot while on a zipline, don’t be a sitting...or zipping duck, return fire. You can also do a little 180 on ziplines. Just attach to a zipline, jump off, do a 180 turn, and reattach. Also, I probably should have mentioned this last time but there is no fall damage in the game so don’t be afraid to bail from ziplines or jump off of high ledges.


Image source: EA website

Melee attacks can be pretty useful in a pinch so here are some things you should know about the melee attacks in Apex Legends. They deal 30 damage so if you happen to get yourself in a boxing match right after landing it’ll take four hits to down someone. Melee attacks will also knock back enemies a bit so keep that in mind while close to a ledge.

Additionally, you can use melee attacks to open doors. I don’t know if it has any practical uses but it sure is a hell of a way to make an entrance. But you should know that doors will break after two melee attacks. We have some more door mechanics, so to speak, but more on that later.


Image source: EA website

If you’re not an expert at the game or a cheater (and even if you are) chances are you’re gonna get shot. So here are a few things you should know about healing since that’s the thing that keeps you from dying and all that. The first thing you should know is that you can’t sprint and heal at the same time. If you start healing and go into a sprint your healing will be canceled.

You can, however, heal while sliding or jumping. So if you’re in need of healing while on the move try this. Sprint, then go into a slide, then start your heal, and jump out of the slide at the end.
This is super effective when there’s a ledge that you can jump off of.


Image source: EA website

And we’re back to doors my dudes. So as I said, doors can be opened with melee attacks but that’s just one way. You can also open doors from afar which can be very useful. You can do this by shooting the side of the door on the opposite side of the hinges. However, you can only do this with two weapons, for now, the Wingman pistol and the Longbow rifle.

Another useful trick to know is that you can interact with doors while down. You can open and close them and even body block them to prevent enemies from reaching you. You can also climb on top of them to get to some harder to reach spots.

And those are all of the tips I have for you guys. Of course, I’ll keep updating you guys as I learn more so we can all suck a bit less. But until then try to implement some of these tips, try them out, experiment, and most importantly have fun. And as always, for more stuff like this and anything gaming related stay tuned to your favorite pc, console and mobile games news site - GameBuz.