Apex Legends Fight or Fright Collection Event Revealed

October 9, 2019
Apex Legends Fight or Fright Collection Event Revealed

October is here and Apex Legends is getting spooky. From October 15 to November 5 the limited-time haunting event, Fight or Fright will be available.

The Fight or Fright event will feature Kings Canyon at night, special event challenges, spooky skins and more.

The Limited Time Mode, Shadowfall will have you and another 34 solo players drop into a dark Kings Canyon and fight to be among the ten that will escape.

The twist is, when you die, you join the ‘Shadow Squad’. You lose your abilities and weapons, but in return, you are a lot faster, can scale walls, have massively boosted melee damage, and you get infinite respawns.

The last ten survivors have to work together to fend off the Shadow Squad and reach the evac ship and escape.

The event challenges will have you unlocking a variety of free exclusive skins, badges, music packs, and even two legendary skins.

Source: EA, Apex Legends

The Fight or Fright Collection Event also brings a set of 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics to Apex.

All Fight or Fright items will be available as direct purchases, by crafting them, or in Event Apex Packs.

You can read more about the details of the event packs and price of items in the official post.