Anthem - Things You Need to Know About The World of Anthem

February 14, 2019
Anthem - Things You Need to Know About The World of Anthem
Image source: EA official website

Anthem is coming out pretty soon, only ten days left to be more specific. There was a VIP demo for people who pre-ordered the game and the open demo came to a close on February 3rd. Sadly, we didn’t have time to play it so we can’t say for sure in what state the game is in.

Besides, I’m not here to talk about the gameplay side of things. The story aspect of the game is kinda confusing. Information about it is scattered throughout the internet so I decided to collect all of that info and organize it in a neat little package for you to open and explore. So without further ado, let’s jump right in and see what the hell is going on in this game.

The World

The world of Anthem is a very wild place. We know it’s not planet Earth, Mark Darrah (executive producer) has confirmed that in an interview with Game Informer. So why is a game about exosuits and killing aliens called Anthem?

Well, it’s because in this universe there is a thing called The Anthem of Creation. More commonly referred to as just The Anthem, it’s a force and source of pure creation. The Anthem could be channeled through special devices and the Shapers have discovered this.

The Shapers are the gods of the world of Anthem. They are responsible for the creation and existence of the world. But then they just disappeared and nobody knows why. They left behind their strange devices, the ones they used to create the world but their creation was left incomplete.

Now, the aforementioned devices known as Shaper Artifacts are still active. They still sometimes channel the Anthem and create cataclysms (the storms seen in the gameplay). These cataclysms have the potential to change the world a lot even going as far as creating new creatures.

This is where the Freelancers come in. Their main objective is to ensure the survival of humanity by keeping the Dominions hands off of the Shaper Artifacts and to deactivate any of them. And now that I mentioned the Dominion it gives me a nice little segue to...

The People

Alrighty then, let’s talk a little bit about the population of the world of Anthem. We have the humans who fight for survival in this chaotic world. There are three human factions that all split from one which is the Legion of Dawn. These factions are Freelancers, the Dominion, and the Sentinels.

But first some backstory for the Legion of Dawn. Humans war once slaves to the chaos of the world but all of that changed. With the creation of the javelins, the humans leveled the playing field and soon after formed the Legion of Dawn. These brave warriors fought for humanity and laid down their lives. One of those brave souls is General Helena Tarsis. She was the founder and leader of the Legion, and Fort Tarsis (the biggest human city) was named after her. She too lost her life in the fight for humanity.

Everyone was hit pretty hard by the loss of their leader and the legion started to fall apart. And that’s kinda how those three factions I mentioned earlier came to exist. We have the Freelancers who go outside Fort Tarsis and explore the world searching for Shaper Relics and resources. Then we have the Sentinels. They mainly work as a kind of police force/guards of the city from what we saw in the trailers and gameplay footage. And last but not least is the Dominion. These are the bad guys of the world of Anthem and their goal is to control The Anthem and use it for personal gain.

The Dominion isn’t the only enemy though. There are also Scars, insectoid creatures that mimic the most dominant life form in the area. These dudes are scavengers and like everyone else, they want to get their hands on Shaper Relics. However, unlike everyone else (well, almost everyone) they have a strange connection to the Shapers. They’re not native to the planet but actually came into existence via one of those cataclysms I mentioned. We don’t know if there are more enemy factions besides the Dominion and the Scars but I guess we’ll find out on release.

The other guys who have some connection with the Shapers, well the Anthem more specifically are the Cyphers. These guys are humans who have supernatural psychic abilities that are somehow connected to The Anthem of Creation. The Cyphers are the Freelancers’ guy in the chair. They provide all sorts of info to the javelin pilots and help out on their missions.

And that’s about it guys. These are the story related things that you need to know. Basically, it’s the backstory of the world and universe that BioWare has created. We’re all just hoping EA doesn’t “pull an EA” so to speak and ruin this game. And as always my dudes (and lady dudes? dudettes?) for more gaming news, reviews, and much more stay tuned to GameBuz.