Android and iOS Devices Can Join You in PC Games with Steam

November 21, 2019
Android and iOS Devices Can Join You in PC Games with Steam

Steam Remote Play Together lets you play local multiplayer games online with friends on Windows, macOS, Linux, and now even on Android and iOS.

Valve announced the Steam Remote Play Together beta in October and first of all, it is now available to everyone. The other big piece of news is that it now also supports mobile devices running Android and iOS too.

All you need to do to host a game is to have a game that supports local multiplayer installed and then just invite any of your friends to join you. If they’re on a PC they can just drop in, and if they’re on a mobile device, they need the Steam Chat and Steam Link apps.

The best part is that they don’t need to actually own the game, just the host has to own it.

On desktops it worked surprisingly well. We still didn’t manage to test it on mobile devices, but the stream looked very promising. We’ll make sure to give it a go and report what it’s like.

Also, in standard Steam fashion, to celebrate the launch of Remote Play Together there’s a sale going on now. You can pick up some great multiplayer games on Steam now with nice discounts. The sale runs until Monday, November 25th at 1PM ET.

You can check the list of supported games here. Also, Google, take note, literally everyone is blowing you out of the water.