Amazon Changing PvP in New World to Address “Toxic Environment”

January 21, 2020
Amazon Changing PvP in New World to Address “Toxic Environment”

Amazon’s MMO, New World, is fundamentally changing the way combat between players in the game will work due to problems with Player Killing.

An Amazon Game Studios representative talked about the community’s concerns and the impact of PvP on the player experience during alpha.

Before the change, PvP was possible everywhere and anywhere, except in outposts which allowed you to rest and not worry if someone is going to kill you. If you want to go after someone, you just have to mark them and in return, you will be marked as a criminal.

The risk being, if you die as a criminal you lose all your gear and your entire inventory. If a criminal kills you, you lose your inventory, but you do keep what you have equipped.

It sounds like a fun, but hardcore system, and it is fun until someone takes it too far. A substantial number of high-level players would pick on the low-level players, some would even go out of their way to hunt them.

"This often led to solo or group griefing scenarios that created a toxic environment for many players," explains the Amazon rep, "To be clear, this behaviour was not shown by all PvP players, but enough to cause significant issues.”

The representative continues, "We set out to build a compelling world full of danger and opportunity that begs to be explored. The intended design was never to allow a small group of players to bully other players. Based on what we saw, we realised that we needed to make fundamental changes and not just incremental fixes."

New World will still have PvP, but a more organized and civil PvP. Instead of being able to just walk up to someone and end them, a fight will have to be accepted by both parties.

Some MMOs also have separate PvP servers for players that enjoy the combat and danger of it, but that currently isn’t an option for New World.

"We are unlikely to provide PvP-only servers as it would divide our development resources and community," The post continues, "We could investigate this again at a later date but it's not something we are going to support at launch. We believe that the changes and improvements we've made to the game since the closed alpha are far more compelling for the majority of players."

The new system is called PvP War, and it’s a large 50v50 PvP battle that gets scheduled. The post explains how it works:

"Companies will declare War on territories they wish to take over, draft a roster of 50 combatants, and agree on timing for the battle. The War will take place on a protected battlefield, keeping anyone who isn't confirmed to participate, out. This helps ensure a fair fight, without distraction. During the battle there are two sides, the attackers and defenders.

Defenders will protect their claim flag which sits in the center of their Fort. The Fort is equipped with storage, crafting stations, and upgradeable wall defenses. The Attackers will earn points during battle to upgrade and build siege weapons and towers. The War ends if the Attackers are able to break through the gates and claim the flag, or if time expires."

The community is split on this decision, some are happy, some are annoyed because New World was designed with PvP in mind. New World launches on May 26 and then we will see if this was the right move.