Alto’s Odyssey - Sit Back, Get Comfortable, And Relax

December 25, 2018
Alto’s Odyssey - Sit Back, Get Comfortable, And Relax
Image source: Alto’s Odyssey

For people like me, who like to play games on their phones to kill some time while waiting in the line for something, and look at pretty colors while doing that, Alto’s Odyssey is perfect. It’s simple, it’s quick, yet surprisingly soothing when you need a break from everyday life.

Alto’s Odyssey is an arcade game from the endless runner genre, developed by Snowman and is available for Android and iOS. It’s the second installment in the Alto’s Adventure series. While the first game was bright white snowy mountains, this one takes place in the desert bathed in warm reds and purples.

Image Source: Alto’s Odyssey

The game focuses strictly on the gameplay without any storyline, and frankly, you don’t need one. You take on the role of a snowboarder Alto sliding through the desert, with occasional jumping in order to overcome all the obstacles that appear on your way.

There is no way of winning the game, you just speed forward and tap your screen to jump until you make a mistake and fall off your board. You can hold your tap to make backflips that can score you more points.

Image Source: Alto’s Odyssey

With more progress, you get to see more changes in the scenic view in the background. The interaction with the environment is done amazingly in this video game. From mini-tornados that can toss you high in the air, hot air balloons connected by a rope that you can jump on, over the rocks and chasms, walls you can ride on, you get to ancient cities.

Gorgeous color pallets shifting constantly with changes between day and night really make you want to play more.

Image Source: Alto’s Odyssey

For those who just want to lie back and relax there is a zen mode where you can just look at pretty colors and chase all your worries away.

As for those feeling more adventurous, you have a bunch of different goals to complete. Some of the goals are easy, like collecting the super coin or travel a certain amount of meters, but they get harder over time (e.g. doing a double backflip is very challenging).

Image Source: Alto’s Odyssey Apps on Google Play

You get to collect coins on your way, try out new ways to link combos, catch runway animals and escape the encountered enemies, and overall, break your own scores. There are also a few power-ups such as super coins (gives you more coins), pots (even more coins), magnets (attracts more coins), and flowers that allow you to smash rocks.

What adds more to the game are characters you can unlock. They have different strengths and abilities that can help you with overcoming a certain goal.

Image Source: Alto’s Odyssey Apps on Google Play

Music in this game contributes to the perfect atmosphere set by the graphics, and the terrain is constantly generated so you will never get bored of looking at the same background. If you play long enough the plain desert from the beginning will change to ruins, temples, canyons and more.

Games from the endless genre can be pretty generic and repetitive, but Alto’s Odyssey is a perfect example of how a game from that genre can be made an enjoyable experience. We here at GameBuz, mobile games news site, have only words of praise for this game and highly recommend you to get hooked on it first chance you get.