All of the Things Stadia Will Not Be Launching With

November 14, 2019
All of the Things Stadia Will Not Be Launching With

We talked about the games that will be available when Stadia launches, now it’s time to talk about achievements, Stream Connect, Buddy Passes, and more.

It was previously confirmed that the wireless Stadia controller won’t be very wireless on launch, which is disappointing to hear, now even more disappointment has been confirmed.

To start, you won’t be able to use existing Chromecast Ultras to play games. The Chromecast Ultras that ship with Stadia controllers will have the updated firmware required to stream games, while older ones will be updated at a later date.

The Buddy Passes that come with the Founders Editions of Stadia that give a friend a three-month Stadia subscription will be sent out around two weeks after the launch.

Family sharing will be missing for a longer time, it’s expected early next year. Until then, the entire family uses one account or you buy games separately for everyone.

One of the main features announced for Stadia, Stream Connect, State Share, and Crowd Play – the ability to jump into a game someone is streaming, sharing scores, and the other social aspects – are expected by the end of the year.

The actual achievements system also won’t be ready. Stadia will record milestones, but you won’t receive a notification, nor will you be able to see them anywhere.

Finally, looping back to the controller, they will be shipped in the order that the pre-orders were bought. Since the Founders Edition is sold out, if you’re one of the last to buy, you might have to wait a while for your controller.

Since we’re talking about things that will be added at a later date, the free version of Stadia will be available at some point next year, until then, it’s $10 a month.

Honestly, the more time passes, the more Stadia feels like a really rushed service just for the sake of being first. What do you think?