All but One Dance Lawsuit Against Epic Games Are on Pause

March 11, 2019
All but One Dance Lawsuit Against Epic Games Are on Pause

Five lawsuits against Epic over in-game emotes are currently on hold as the law firm behind them waits for the US Copyright Office to consider the claims for the dances.

This is happening due to a change in how courts process copyright lawsuits. Supreme Court has made a decision that before someone can file for a copyright lawsuit, they must first get a response from the US Copyright Office before they can sue over a submitted application.

The current lawsuits will be dismissed and refiled once the US Copyright Office has considered the claims.

The “Running Man” lawsuit, which is being filed by another law firm, still stands. There is no guarantee that any of the plaintiffs will get their copyright applications approved, due to the fact that such cases haven’t been accurately defined by law. Alfonso Ribeiro was previously denied by the US Copyright Office on the grounds that the dance isn’t unique or complicated enough to be claimed.

It will probably be months before we see a final ruling on the subject.

What’s your opinion on these cases?