After Success of Devil May Cry 5 Capcom to Awaken Dormant IPs

October 19, 2019
After Success of Devil May Cry 5 Capcom to Awaken Dormant IPs

Capcom fans, it’s time to get excited. According to the latest financial report, Capcom plans to revive classic franchises after the success of recent games.

After years of just being there, Capcom landed an absolute hit with Monster Hunter: World last year. That was followed by the remake of Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5, both of which received critical acclaim.

The new financial report confirms this by calling both the Resident Evil 2 remake and Devil May Cry 5 an ‘indisputable success’. The report continues by saying that they were developed with the highest standard in mind.

That on it’s own is good news, hearing that Capcom is doing well, but later on in the report there is something that will bring joy to all Capcom fans. Capcom has a three point plan for the coming years.

1. Strengthen digital sales,
2. Increase the length of support for existing titles,
3. ‘Awaken dormant intellectual properties’.

Nothing is mentioned by name, so it’s anyone’s guess what franchise will be making a return next. Capcom doesn’t have any big releases announced for this year, or the next, so it’s safe to say that they’re waiting for the right moment to drop some big news.

What do you think, which Capcom franchise will be making a return soon?