Activision Announces Call of Duty: Mobile For Android and iOS Devices

March 19, 2019
Activision Announces Call of Duty: Mobile For Android and iOS Devices
Image source: Screenshot from Call of Duty: Mobile trailer

Both Fortnite and PUBG have seen their respective mobile versions. Both titles have seen major success on the mobile games scene, so naturally, Activision decided to test the waters themselves. After a successful beta, Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile is trying to get its spot in the mobile realm.

The Call of Duty: Mobile Beta tried to provide that familiar Call of Duty experience in a more compact package. The game (in the beta version) featured multiplayer modes such as Free4All, Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch and Frontline as well as a zombie mode.

The trailer also shows a familiar scene which implies that we’ll see a battle royale mode when the full game launches. You could also play as some of the iconic CoD universe characters (like Captain Price or Ghost), as well as customize your character and weapons.

Activision has now opened pre-registration for the official launch of Call of Duty: Mobile. The game will be a free-to-download title (they haven’t used the term free-to-play, take that as you will) and will be available on both Android and iOS devices. Activision also plans more pre-launch betas for players who have pre-registered.

Are you excited for the game? How will it stack up against other mobile battle royales? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.