A Role-Playing System Will Be Added to Red Dead Online

May 15, 2019
A Role-Playing System Will Be Added to Red Dead Online

Rockstar announced that starting this summer, players will be able to play as one of three roles in Red Dead Online - the Bounty Hunter, the Collector or The Trader.

Before the role-playing system is added, players can expect new free roam missions on May 21. After that, on May 28, more content will be added for free roam and showdown, followed by another showdown mode on June 4. Another thing being added is the Railroad Baron Free Roam event where players will be tasked with capturing train cars moving around the map. To top it off, on June 11, another showdown mode is being added with some cosmetics.

The big update we’re looking forward to doesn’t have an exact date yet, but it will happen during the summer. Players will be able to pick a role to focus on or try to combine multiple roles into their gameplay and advance them at the same time.

The Bounty Hunter will be hunting wanted criminals, the Collector searches the world for hidden treasures and sells them and the final role, the Trader, focuses on building a business at your camp and trading goods.

More roles are expected to be added to Red Dead Online later on and each role will have their own unique weapons, clothes, and gameplay.