A Man Spent $1.4 Million on a Character, Friend Sold It for $552

November 26, 2019
A Man Spent $1.4 Million on a Character, Friend Sold It for $552

A man has spent a disturbing $1.4 million on a character in an MMORPG Justice Online, only for his friend (loosely used term) to accidentally sell it for $552.

As reported by South China Morning Post, a man lent a character in Justice Online worth $1.4 million to a friend. The friend then held the character hostage and tried to sell it back to his friend for 388,000 yuan ($55,138).

Except for the fact that he put up the character on the shop for 388 yuan, which is just $552. Another player browsing the NetEase in-game marketplace noticed this and momentarily bought it.

The player whose character it originally was preceded by suing his (now presumably ex) friend. Who explained that the mistake in pricing was attributed to him being very tired and dizzy from excessive gaming at the time.

The suit was settled by a judge who mediated the proceeding online. Which authorities in China are now considering a great way for judges to oversee legal disputes without having to actually be present.

In the end, NetEase has canceled the transaction, the man got his character back, but he will have to look for a new friend and also pay 90,000 yuan ($12,789) to the player who managed to buy the character for just $500.

Well, that was a wild ride from start to finish. Why not continue reading about what's up in China?